Hugo Press Conference: Martin Scorsese defends 3D

We caught up with the director of Hugo yesterday, where Martin Scorsese talked about his use of 3D, the history of cinema, and working with young actors...
Hugo, the new family-friendly tale from Martin Scorsese, has more than one unexpected twist. Firstly, it’s essentially a children’s movie directed by the king of guns and gangsters, but it’s also in 3D. While the medium has grown in popularity with filmmakers over the years, and lost favour with audiences along the way, Scorsese’s involvement has indicated a change in the way we approach it, much like James Cameron’s Avatar did in 2009.
Revered auteurs aren’t supposed to use shameless gimmicks to enhance their movies, so when they do, we tend to sit up and take notice. Catching up with the director at the Hugo press conference, Scorsese shed some light on his decision to film the adventure with a third dimension, and talked about working with young actors:
“It is something I’d like to take into my future films. I happen to be a great admirer of it, from when I first saw those view-masters or stereoscopic images, and I was taken into another space. As a child, it tapped into that childlike imagination, and it’s the thing I look for whenever I make a film. That thrill of the imagination has to be there every day, and seeing those first 3D images gave me that feeling.
“If it’s used appropriately for the story, why not? It’s the same as colour, sound or widescreen. For a long period of time, colour was very special and everyone complained about it until they got it right in 1935. This is what we were aspiring to; colour, through the demand of an audience who didn’t grow up on black and white, just became natural.”
On working with young actors Asa Butterfield and Chloe Moretz, he said: “I think that it’s important to make younger people aware of what came before, in every aspect. It’s exciting, if I’m working with young people, mentoring them, I get a lot out of it. I get a kind of

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Angelina Jolie planning film about the Afghanistan war

Actress turned director Angelina Jolie has some new ideas lined up for her next project...
With her directorial debut, In the Land of Blood & Honey, coming out soon, interest has been building around what Angelina Jolie will likely be doing next. Well, it seems she’s got the directing bug for now, as her plans of a movie set in the Afghan war have been revealed.
The film, if made, will be a war movie set in the war-torn nation, but plot details are not yet being talked about. Jolie has

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Ash, the Italian footwear brand, has brought many innovative changes in the world of shoes. Patrick Ithier founded the brand Ash in Italy in the year 2001. The brand provides consumers with high quality shoes that provide fashion as well as comfort simultaneously. For a long time the Italians have proved their talent in the fashion and footwear industry which is only one of the reasons why Ash shoes are so highly regarded. The shoes from this brand are now highly popular in different parts of the world among people of all age groups. Their smart designs have a huge following that have been anticipating the brands designs for many years. Ash shoes can be worn in every season as their large collection of footwear includes boots, sneakers, flat shoes and wedges. Ash also offers an exclusive range of excellent shoes for women.

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Italian brand Ash has changed the way we think of footwear. The brand, established in Italy in 2001 by Patrick Ithier, has come to be associated with quality and comfort. It's at the forefront of revolutionary design.
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Fantastic Shoes from Ash Shoes

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Shopping for Sneakers the Smart Way

When it�s time for a new pair of sneakers, what do you look for? Style?? Comfort? Many people walk into the nearest department store and pick up the cheapest pair of sneakers on the rack. They figure they�ll be replacing them in a couple of months anyway so why pay more? The fact of the matter is if you buy a decent pair of sneakers in the first place, a pair designed for the purpose you intend to use them for, they can last considerably longer and might even save you money in the long run.
The Outsole
The outsole or bottom of the shoe should be made of some type of rubber. It should have horizontal grooves molded into it at the point where the ball of your foot will be, allowing greater flexibility as you run. The heel should be two-part with an outer and an inner part which makes heel-toe running more efficient.
The Midsole
The midsoles are the most important part of a running sneaker. It should provide cushioning and support. ASH footwear is commonly used and feels good when the shoe is new but can easily become compressed, no longer providing support and stability. Polyurethane is more  and adds a thicker level of cushioning. Along with that, it does add more weight.
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When I arrived at the store that day, the front door was locked, manned by an unsmiling security guard. A European woman waited in front of me, toting a baby in a fleece cap. It was one of the uncharacteristically cold days that landed too soon this year. Just inside the store, a mannequin in a dark jacket and leggings sat on a blanket of fur, a fox pelt tied around her head. She looked warm.

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Moncler, the maker of trendy goose down jackets, wants to wait at least a year before floating its shares in Milan to focus on expanding globally, its president and creative director Remo Ruffini said. Founded in 1952 in Monastier de Clermont, France, the company owns the Marina Yachting and Henry Cotton's labels. Moncler had 2009 earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation of 79.4 million euros, compared with 54.7 million in 2008.

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Here and Now - Nickelback

ickelback with Curb and The State were okay post-grunge albums that didn't set the world on fire, but were listenable despite Chad Kroeger's rangeless vocals that sound like a third rate cross between Kurt Cobain and Sammy Hagar. However, Silver Side Up had the hit How You Remind Me and led them away from their post-grunge roots. Who knows what would have happened if that song wasn't the biggest rock hit of the current century? Would they be closer to a band like Seether? The route they did take was towards hard rock that sounds more like Buckcherry lite. I have

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Chanel (Chanel) in the 2011 autumn and winter of Le Boy Chanel launched a new series of bags. Le Boy Chanel bag series comes from the shape of Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel) young women use hunting ammunition clip, with smooth texture of leather material, including cover inlaid with textured antique brass lock. Designer Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld), said: "Even Coco Chanel (Coco Chanel), Ms. will have converted into a women's men's clothing, her personal style has a neutral element, her love from her Arther Boy Capel get these ideas, this is Chanel (Chanel) as part of the spirit of the brand, this new bag line was named Boy Chanel. "chanel new bags 2011 autumn and winter series include Le Boy Chanel Tote Large bags, chain bag, wallet and other styles, prices between $ 2,500 to $ 4,300, will be officially launched in September 2011.Linen bags with retro texture processing, environmental fashion, feel good. Visual impact is very strong, style novel, filled with eighteenth-century European retro style! Bright sun yellow, vibrant India, powder, fresh and pleasing to the eye of the emerald green ... ... Longchamp (Longchamp) 2011 spring and summer of Tie & Dye tie dye bag showing a series of lively and mellow low-key luxury. Lambskin bag light color tie-dye effect on, from a special production method - tie dye crafts of India. First bag folded and tied, then each color, each bag will have a unique blank details.
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On the border-The Eagles

 Cruising down the center of a two way street
 Wonder ring who is really in the driver's seat
 Minding my bus'ness along comes big brother
 Says, Son, you better get on one side or the other.
 I'm out on the border, I'm walking the line
 Don't you tell me about your law and order
 I'm try'ng to change this water to wine.
 After a hard day, I'm safe at home
 Fooling with my baby on the telephone
 Out of nowhere somebody cuts in and


8 genre mashups that actually work

With so many movies deciding to mix up their references lately, we take a look back at some of the great genre mash-ups in film...
With the release of Cowboys and Aliens, Kill List and upcoming delights like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it seems the genre mash-up is the order of the day. Personally, we'd take the blending of some unique ideas over a straight-up remake any day of the week, so these on the nose reimaginings can often be very welcome. Some thought Cowboys and Aliens went to pot once the ETs arrived, but other interesting pairings have fared much better in blending their ideas together. Here are some examples of the most successful, interesting, or era defining mash-ups we've seen...

Blade Runner
Starting with Fritz Lang’s seminal silent masterpiece Metropolis, film noir and science fiction have had a very close relationship over the years. This makes sense, as sci-fi has often been the genre most sensitive to public mood - different takes on the film type falling in and out of favour across the decades. Just as musicals traditionally represent times of economic struggle, sci-fi noir strives to explore the dark underbelly of our modern society.
Post-apocalyptic worlds filled with bleak cityscapes and ambiguous protagonists litter the best examples of the genre to this day, from films like Terminator and Twelve Monkeys to Children of Men and Minority Report. But it’s Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner that truly defines the sub-genre, remaining a cult classic and many people’s example of the perfect sci-fi.

Ridley Scott's Alien is referred to as a horror movie just as often as it's referred to as sci-fi. Though it wasn't the first time extra-terrestrial imagery had been used to scare its audience, Alien is the master, and has body shock horror and suspense to rival the scariest scary movie. It's a shame the subsequent Alien vs. Predator movies took away most of their visceral power in favour of the standard teen pic conventions, but re-watching the original is guaranteed to still send shivers down your spine.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearlis just a family friendly action-adventure for it’s first third, before ghostly shipmates and cursed treasure come into play, elevating the film from charming romp to all-conquering blockbuster. Fantasy was combined with the seemingly dead swashbuckler genre, and the coupling was like lightning in a

The Perfect Tiffany Necklaces For You

Every woman in this apple wants to attending admirable and elegant. It’s her fantasy to apperceive that all the eyes at a affair are anchored on her. She wants her bedmate to feel appreciative that she is his wife. So for that reason, it’s important that her accouterment and accessories attending alluring and graceful. One of the a lot of important accessories with any dress is the necklace.

Tiffany necklaces that you abrasion about your close can add some abracadabra to your actualization and bathrobe style. But how to accept it has become the a lot of puzzled things of women. The afterward credibility should be kept in apperception while allotment one:

A chaplet should be called according to the admeasurement of your neck. If you accept a attenuate neck, accept collar necklaces or chokers. These are attenuate in appearance and accompany adorableness to your continued attenuate neck.

The appearance of face is an important agency to consider. For example, continued necklaces are acceptable for annular faces. Similarly, a V-shaped necklaces are bigger for aboveboard shaped faces because they accord them a attenuate look. Humans with egg-shaped

The Timeless Beauty of Tiffany Ring

The timeless jewelry is counted among Tiffany jewelry, the ornaments which have survived years and have witnessed a number of time periods. It can be from years among people, although designs and outlook change but the passion remains the same. You can get it from almost all jewelers. They are some exquisite pieces and are gaining public attention these days. They are among the most sought after tiffany ring  and are crafted with care and attention. From bold designs to delicate carvings and vibrant colors you can have them even with some gemstone like sapphires, diamonds, rubies, topaz etc.

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Don’t call it a comeback! Movie star careers that bounced back and some that just didn’t…

We take a look back at some resilient movie careers, and a few which are still waiting to spring back
Yes, you've got your Depps and your Pitts and your Jolies, those stars whose careers have risen steadily from role to role taking them to the top of the Hollywood heap, but then there's also your Rourkes, your Travoltas and your Downey Jrs, actors whose career trajectories have experienced a few violent swerves and crash-landed into a skip along the way. Let's see what history has taught us about whether there's ever life for former stars after TV films and movies about talking dogs...

John Travolta

This has to be one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Travolta’s fall from the glittery 70s pedestal he clambered up to with Saturday Night Fever and Grease led to a lengthy Kirstie Alley-related slump.
After not two but three Look Who’s Talking movies (including that one with a dog), the dimple-chinned former king of the dance floor was about ready to take an early bath. Enter a plucky former video shop clerk with a similarly impressive chin and a taste for kitsch iconography, and

Amazing Tissot Watch Makes You Attractive

Founded by Charles Felician Tissot and his son Charles-Emile in the homey town of Le Locle, Switzerland, in the Jura Mountains over 150 years ago,From 1853 to the present day, Tissot has continually surprised and delighted customers with its product innovation. A relentless pioneering spirit led the company from its foundation in the small Swiss Jura town of Le Locle, to a presence in 150 countries. From its first pocket watch with two time zones in 1853 to its revolutionary touch-screen technology T-Touch watch, Tissot watch  has presented a series of firsts in terms of technology, materials, and design, going as far as creating watches made of rock, wood, and pearl.

From unique leather straps to exquisite titanium ones, you may find a range of middle-priced timepieces, that are fairly affordable. With a lot of gifted technicians and engineers that have committed to

10 best childhood flashback casting decisions

on Fri, 09/09/2011 - 12:01
Childhood flashbacks can be a tricky thing to get right on screen, but here are 10 casting decisions that got it absolutely spot-on
Flashbacks, where would Citizen Kane and Family Guy be without them? Those neat little narrative tricks that let us shuttle back and forth in time, witnessing the moments that shaped film characters, shedding light on the origins of all their adult peccadilloes and neuroses.
More often than not, these cinematic jaunts down memory lane pull up somewhere near the schoolroom, playground or another formative childhood experience. Grown-up movie characters drift off, remembering key moments from their youth: that time a Vietnam vet handed them a gold watch, that day they spent larking around on their first sled, or the night they witnessed their parents being gunned down by hoods after a night at the theatre.
We’ve gathered together the ten best childhood flashback casting decisions in cinema, the ones where pint-sized versions of the older stars not only looked, but acted the part.


Izzy Meikle-Small as Carey Mulligan in Never Let Me Go

Mark Romanek’s film adaptation of Never Let Me Go has a sublime-enough cast when it comes to the adults alone, but the arrival of Izzy Meikle-Small as a young Carey Mulligan was a touch of inspiration. It wasn’t just the shared features – the two have such similar wide-set eyes, pixie

The Meaning of Tissot Watches

Tissot was born in 1853, at cardle of the watch, Swiss. Depend on the innovation among the tradition. After 150 years, the name of tissot has spread out more than 150 countries of five continents in the world. It has become one of the everlasting Swiss watch, and earned several prizes.

In 1983, Tissot watches join ed the Swatch group, the global president Salma Hayek thought, the innovation of 150 years history is the same as its image and group. It self is a legend,  which tells the whole world that it has grown up, and with more and more new design, the customer can always recieve the surprise foever. Just like the aim of it. The creative originates from tradtion.

The brand design idea follows the nature, and takes the humanism as the guiding ideology, initiating the combination of the modern dress sense and the sipirit. Then the products will  get the characteristics of comfort, taste and elegant.

The choice for wearing
Tissot watches   shows the attitude of a person towards life. Among the whole life, you must have an elegant tissot watch. This is not just for the reason that it is famous all over the world, and you should know, wearing it is not a proof to show you are rich.The real meaning is, when you wear a good watch in your hand, what you reflect is the story behind this watch, it is the painstaking care of those watch makers. What it brings you is the comfort and peaceful along with your whole world, and the preciousness that can spread from generation to genenration.In the ancient time, people always had a saying "Choose sometimes move, and slipped out of line". We can see such principle now.For example, the choice for Tissot watches is a person's attitude. It brings us the unlimited shinning, when we are dazzled at it, how about listening to the senior watch collectors, seeing the suggestions of those designers.So we can let the flaming material desire to be down, then find our time. The price of tissot watches must be expensive, so we can not own them following our inclinations.

Tissot watches has favourite by many celebraties. Like Michael Owen, who is the forward of England National Team. He is the global sports ambassador.  It si for the reason that the confidence he shows matches the the style of Tissot. It is a forever watch brand that can never lose the fashion. You deserve to own it.

A New Type For Having Tissot Classic

Since the internet has spread out all over the world, more and more people has be familiar with the shopping online. Like me, I love buying things on the internet for there are many advantages about it. The internet has almost every things, like clothes, fruit, books, and things you can think.

As we all know, Tissot Trend is very important to both men and women.For men, watches can show their high taste, and it is a symbol for their social position. For women, it can let them become more charming and attractive. Anyways, people can not live with watches. So they must choose a best one. For you, what will you