Emma Watson In Bottega Veneta – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2″ New York Premiere

Emma Watson is wearing Bottega Veneta Fall 2011 at the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center on July 11, 2011 in New York City.

Emma Watson reflecting on herself

Emma Watson reflecting on herself
Tue, 31/01/2012 - 15:43 by Gemma Exley

Because it's Harry Potter Actors Honesty Week, the cast have been making some groundbreaking revelations; first Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he sometimes looks 'dead behind the eyes' and now Emma Watson has sensationally revealed that she's a little bit boring. We expect Rupert Grint is currently preparing a statement about the fact that he has copper-tinged pubic hair.

Spring Breakers adds Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson

While Spring Breakers is still looking for a fourth female lead, it just got one step closer by casting TV star Ashley Benson...
News recently broke that rising star Emma Roberts had decided to fade away gracefully from Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, and it seems they've wasted little time replacing her. Ashley Benson, known best for her role on teen mystery show (or Veronica Mars v.2) Pretty Little Liars, has just joined the cast.
It seems as if Korine is going mainstream, as Spring Breakers still retains one of the most wholesome casts of the moment. Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens are already set to star opposite James Franco, who will play the drug and arms dealer after the four college girls at the story's centre.
One more girl remains to be cast, but Benson will probably turn out to be a smart investment. Though not as well known as the other two actresses, she can definitely hold her own in the acting stakes.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island review

A comic turn from The Rock lifts the surprisingly fun Journey 2: The Mysterious Island above the mire of Spy Kids and Chipmunk sequels
Remember when you used to think lie-ins were boring? When you used to knock for your friends at weekends and get genuinely excited about Christmas? When you could stay skinny eating meals composed entirely of trans-fats and laugh yourself silly at films starring ex-wrestlers? Childhood, eh? A golden time.
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island will, if you squint a bit, let you reclaim ninety minutes or so of that uncomplicated, childhood, “log flumes are the greatest” kind of enjoyment. Granted, you will have to silence the nagging adult voices in your head complaining about plot logic and disappointing female characters with hot pants instead of personalities, but if you can master that, then there is fun to be had with this film.

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Naked Emma Watson video used to spread malware

Fake videos with funny or sexual content, have long been used to entice users to download and install malware. The technique is used by hackers to convince users that they need to install additional codecs, or software, in order to play the video.

I've found several websites redirecting to "Emma Watson never seen before home video" hosted on various rr.nu domains: strongrzholder.rr.nu, smartutnetwork.rr.nu, etc. The page looks very similar to a YouTube page, with related videos on the left, and fake comments below the player.

Emma Watson never seen before home video

Emma Watson Style!

Here are my designs for the style Icon Emma Watson! Looks for different occasions designed especially for the star!
Emma Watson suits strong yet understated tones like Mole, Teal, Stone, Burnt Orange, and English Rose. With her contemporary haircut and amazing figure Emma suits any shape and style of garment from drop waist to empire line and vintage to futuristic.
These designs show how to style an Emma Watson look for everyday and evening.

Everyday- A look for general casual work or trips into town. Team a black and english rose cotton shirt with sheer shoulders and sleeves - edgy yet not to fancy- with flared camel trousers -classic and understated creating an edge with the flare. Add a slump black lather bag with coloured touch and leather ballerina pumps to complete the everyday look.

Posh Lunch- This burnt orange dress with black felt cage and stone lace detail is perfect for a lunch or informal dinner. The colour is striking yet not 'look at me!' and the lace + cage effect makes it original. A plain black version of this shape would be a great office/interview number.

Party- This oozes of Emma! The main colour- Chocolate- is plain yet when the english rose silk tassels are added it creates a whole new dimension to the outfit. With a vertical slash cleavage, crystal studded waistband and coloured suede ankle boots the Emma Watson party look is ready to go!

Summer City Visit- This look reeks of a day in Rome, Venice, Paris! The teal shirt in organza is a statement and unique- perhaps more fitted to a day at work- yet when teamed with the printed chiffon skirt it looks elegant and perfect. Team with oversized beach bag, shades and gladiators and you're ready to stroll the boutiques of florence!

Award Show After Party- Being the star of one of the best selling film series of all time involves a lot of award ceremonies! And when there's a Baftas there's an after party! This Teal skirt attached to stone velvet top with rose and orange polo neck fringing is original and glamourous. Fun colours in a classic shape makes a look Emma would stun in.

Bafta Gown!- The fashion world's eyes are on the actresses at the baftas, the gossip of 'who's she wearing' and the dred of getting a blogger's 'worst dressed!' Though the colours and sheer style of this gown would suit Emma perfectly- flowing black chiffon over english rose duchess satin with stone velvet bust!

Wedding- with the film star's contacts, Emma is bound to be attending a wedding soon, and a hollywood wedding is big! This two tone dress with hat and cape is perfect. Stone velvet complements orange spectrum silk print with red organza cape. Teal hat with bow and tuelle shoes make a outfit that is justifiably so 'LOOK AT ME'!

Emma Watson Takes Bathroom Break in New Photos

y , January 22nd, 2012
Emma Watson fans are going to have to wait a little longer for her latest film. “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” But, in the meantime, they can gaze on sexy new outtakes from her Harper’s Bazaar magazine photo shoot.
Photographer Harry Crowder, who was behind the lens for Watson’s shoot, promised a year ago to release more photos from the session. And true to his word, he just released a series of perky black-and-white images.
Watson exudes bohemian chic in the photos. She poses in one shot wearing only a man’s shirt loosely buttoned.

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Emma Watson and the My Week with Marilyn premiere

Some of our favorite videos/pictures/articles. This appropriate outfit landed her on about every best dressed list. Oxford must be working her hard, she seems to have lost a little bit of weight but is still looking fab. Best news is that Emma teasingly revealed that she has some film projects lined up that she's excited about. According to People Magazine she is hoping to film them next year between her school breaks.

Emma Watson is in Hong Kong for Lancome and new event gossip

It was rumored that Emma was going to be in Hong Kong this week for a Lancome event. That rumor has turned out to be true. Photos and video of her arrival are now leaking out.

Emma Watson and New Guy Go Shopping

Emma was spotted Tuesday out shopping in Islington. The couple appears to have done some shopping at Tallulah Lingerie.