13 inch or 15 inch macbook pro

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IM BUYING A NEW LAPTOP HAPPY HAPPY DAY! but the problems is which new brand should i buy? ive had a dell desktop for close to FOREVER! and yeah, its pretty good. hmm i kinda want a pink laptop, but the only laptop that comes within...
13 inch or 15 inch macbook pro?
I'm getting a new laptop soon..and I'm trying to decide whether I should take the 13 inch or the 15 inch Macbook Pro. I will mainly use it to just force out the internet, do schoolwork, make videos, and play demanding games close to Sims 3. For your...
13 or 15 inch macbook pro?
Im not sure what to get, I want a macbook, because they don't get virus, and it is really easy to edit video on there(no problems with having to convert files resembling on PC) Anyway, Im kind of afraid that the 13in will be too small, cause I also...
13 vs 15 inch macbook Air case?
So I'm going to be starting college in the fall, and I don't know weather to obtain the 13 inch MBP or the 15 inch MBP. I will be having a separate monitor set up in my dorm room, which i will connect to whichever model i gain. Is it...
13 Macbook or 13 Macbook Pro?
I'm going to be purchasing a Mac soon. Most of the information on the net seems outdated to me. I'll be using it for college, its my first year; community college. So writing papers, researching, powerpoints. As resourcefully as facebook and neopets. I want to play the sims 3...
13.3 laptop vs 14+ laptops?
Getting my first laptop for college and just wondering if a 13.3 is a smart choice. I just do simple stuff, no gaming. I noticed that the 13.3 have around 1.5GHZ and the 14+ enjoy 2.0 and up GHZ. I love the portability, but will they be a lot slower? Any...
1525 dell inspiron laptop beside freshly bring 2?
got the demo and steam and it says code 2 directx error, i did everything and adjectives im asking is if it is compatible with my computer or if there's anything else i should do? downloaded and installed it twice already and have directx 10. You hold...
17 inch laptop contained by want of a knees desk?
I want a laptop desk that I can sit in bed with comfortably. I type a great deal, so it does a number on my wrists to sit in awkward positions whenever I write in bed. I brought one from Wal-mart but it be plastic and...
17 inch Macbook Pro or Asus G73JH?
I'm getting a new laptop for college and keep contained by mind, I am a gamer. I am considering to play WoW in the future and possibly some other games as in good health but I already have a PS3. Which laptop would you advise and please state your...
2 question roughly speaking ssd's vs hdd?
I am going to be getting this ssd: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227542 I just got this laptop: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152192&cm_re=msi_i7-_-34-152-192-_-Product My 2 question are: 1. Is there a way to verbs my game saves from my hdd to my ssd and keep hold of all my progress? 2. I don't know how...
2.0 Ghz Quad Processor (AMD) beside 5650 Graphics 1GB or i5 2.40 ghz turbo 2.66 ghz near 5470 graphics 512 MB?
Yeh its the option that i have, In the pause its the same price but what should i get? I would turn with the first one. Sure it doesn't have as biddable of a...
2.4ghz Duo vs. 2.66ghz Duo Macbook Pro?
I'm going to be using this for personal music production with Logic and Ardour. 4gb RAM is what I'm going for. Will the 2.4ghz suffice for what I'm doing or is it necessary to spend the extra currency and get a 2.66ghz? The more tracks you work with,...
2006 Macbook Pro, snow leopard problem?
I recently installed snow leopard on my macbook pro, at first it would freeze up, then after a while it be fine. However, after running software updates, it won't load past the gray apple peak. Eventually, it would shut off. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thank you...
2010 macbook pro Keyboard Backlight Remain On?
Hello I am just wanting to confirm if other users of the macbook Pro case 13 15 Or 17 released in April 2010 own the same problem as I am having. Even when I am within a well-lit room, the backlight keyboard remains on. It seems the insubstantial sensor is set...
20V Universal AC Adapter kaput?
My universal charger won't work on my 20v laptop. The original adapter get busted few days ago and the computer guy said they couldn't repair it unless i buy a new one but im running low on cash right presently..so I have to use this universal charger thingy. so when i...
240 mins net how copious hrs and mins?
just confused Sixty minutes within an hour. Divide 240 by 60. DO THE MATH YOURSELF! Exactly 4 hours. 240 divided by 60 minutes in an hour= 4 hours. 4 hrs. every hour is 60 minutes so, 60 minutes x 4 hrs = 240 minutes...
3 GB or 4 GB Dual Ram for Laptop running word, email, excel - no gaming?
Would 3GB be sufficient RAM on a laptop running only desktop and internet applications, no gaming? We are looking at a 64 bit Windows 7 laptop and don't want to over buy. if it is only just word, email,...
30gb laptop?
it my birthday on the 4th august(i'm so exited LOL) and my big bro said he'll give me his old laptop since he presently has one of those new ones (isn't he lucky?) anyways, what i needed to know is 30gb enough to go onto the internet and hold lets say Pixia or GIMP...
32 bit vs. 64 bit linux? I enjoy 3gb strike. Support for wireless prominent.?
As far as 32bit vs. 64bit Linux is concerned, there are issues with a few applications surrounded by 64bit Linux (Flash being a pain to install surrounded by 64bit). Some 32bit applications will work fine, you just won't get any benefit...
320GB vs 500GB [5400 RPM]?
I decided to get a MacBook Pro for my unknown IB Program in High School... And was wondering whether to draw from 320GB or 500GB. I do not have that much music, video, or movies, but I will have plenty documents, powerpoints, and projects. Which is right for...
3GB or 4GB of RAM Memory?
I want to purchase a new laptop soon. I am in university and the laptop would be used for word processing, internet, email and i may put some photos on it but i wouldn't say more than 100 at a time. The laptop I buy will probably be running Windows...
4gb single ddr2 1066mhz hit?
i have a motherboard in which individual 2 ram ports are there. it can support upto 8gb of bump. So how can i install 8gb of ram? tell me the cross of manufacturer also? First of all, do you hold a 64bit Operating System? If you have a 32bit...
5 year mature laptop making strange clicking rumbling?
My girlfriend's laptop has been making this peculiar clicking noise irregularly ever since she wiped her unyielding drive to get rid of a virus two weeks back. Before that, it be being held onto someone her dad knows to return with the CD drive fixed, though it took...
7 days aged macbook pro froze twice?
so i got my macbook pro a week ago via shipping and it froze on me twice. each time, i individual had 2/3 apps on so it wasnt freezing cos i opened too copious apps. i am considering if i shld exchange for a new product? advice...
7 days hoary macbook pro froze twice?
so i got my macbook pro a week ago via shipping and it froze on me twice. each time, i singular had 2/3 apps on so it wasnt freezing cos i opened too various apps. i am considering if i shld exchange for a new product? advice...
7200 or 5400 RPM for a notebook?
I want to upgrade my hard drive to have more dimensions. However, I heard that getting a hard drive beside a faster speed (7200rpm) also shortens battery life and make the laptop hotter. Should I be worried about this sort of thing? Or is the effect not really distinct...

A Checklist of Totally free Macbook Professional Application

Now, let's converse about its accessories.
Apple macbook Pro case is really well-known and it is one of the greatest-marketing products in the market place today and believe that it when I say that it can be yours for absolutely free since of the on line promotional free Macbook Professional supply. In your quest to discover the greatest give, you will arrive across some of the finest provides available online. After you have sorted out all the greatest discounts, you will be in a better position to review which one of them is really really worth taking. It can sometime get confusing, so it is better to be aware down few highlight or USPs of the gives.
The subsequent action is to enroll or register for cost-free macbook Pro case present. You have to take piece in these promotional gives you and you will have to comprehensive surveys, after the completion and submission of which you will enter into the list of probables to get a possibility of winning a free of charge Macbook Professional. But you actually have to take into account sure aspects just before taking portion in these promotional gives. Eventually, you have to make your mind up which give or survey you want to take component in. If every thing works out completely like coming into into the promotional offer you and survey filling up completion then you are in a spot nearer from grabbing the remarkable MacBook Pro.
If you eventually get shortlisted then you can expect to get your macbook Air case within 2 to 3 weeks, this is due to the fact it involves shipment and it can get some time but it's well worth waiting for a totally free MacBook pro, isn't it!
Everybody in the globe desires to personal a thing or the other for totally free. Nevertheless, someplace another person has to spend for the absolutely free product that is getting promoted. There are however a couple of free Macbook pro promotions. The MacBook professional is a 17" laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor of 2.66 GHz, a 512 MB NVIDIA, 320 GB challenging generate and 4 GB dual channel. The MacBook air is a lot less than a computer system. The coloring of the laptop is black, therefore generating it look sleek. 1 can participate by delivering the e-mail tackle to the sponsors of this offer. Most of the offers come with absolutely free trials. It is doable to meet most of the needs of getting a free MacBook with the help of the minimal expense delivers and the cost-free trials.
With a tiny a lot more preparation, along with the no cost MacBook pro, it is also doable to obtain a notebook that costs $2500 for discounted charges which are lesser than $a hundred. Some trials also come with absolutely free shipping expenses and handling fees. It is often highly recommended to search in extra than a single web page for the gives you linked to getting a free of charge MacBook professional on the net.
All of us knows how common Apple MacBook is with its cutting edge technological innovation and attractive total featured Mac OSX. In your quest to obtain the most effective supply, you will arrive across some of the ideal provides readily available on-line. In the starting, you will have to go as a result of all the ranges meticulously. Having said that, you will also be mindful of a several factors previous to you as a final point get your totally free MacBook.
It is incredibly essential that you know where to get the absolutely free MacBook pro, as there are a lot of organizations that do these promotions where by you can extremely conveniently win the MacBook freely just by answering some of the simplest issues.

A Review About Apple MacBook Pro Series MC374LLA (Z0J7Q) Laptop

I'm confident that most people is going to like this laptop since it is wonderful in most aspect. It is very interesting to possess this technology because Apple spent a lot of new technologies on this laptop. The brand new macbook Pro case MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q) laptop from Apple continues to surprise everybody featuring great design, improved effectiveness and remarkable mobility. Since Apple announced MacBook Pro MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q) all of us have been completely expecting this specific instant and now it's there, lastly we can set our own hands on completely new Apple MacBook Pro laptop.
With long hours of battery life, it will be possible to use this laptop as you wish all day long. The laptop does not weigh very much when compared to different laptops in its class, we can easily state it's instead lightweight. Although there are promising competitors, macbook Air case MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q) nevertheless amazes everyone with its elegant style and everything else. I could truthfully point out this specific laptop that we are analysing could be a nominee for the best 2010 laptops.
I would not express the significant pixel density (the amount of pixels per millimeter of display) causes it to become particularly troublesome to work with, it offers a good resolution to achieve this dimensions of screen. Even better is the caliber of the actual display screen alone. It's a step-above similarly costed laptops. Horizontally watching perspectives are actually quite inferior by typical standards, but they are a lot more than made for by the fantastic color manufacturing and also contrast provided. Good details in movies and photos are usually delivered out well, a fact further improved by the sharpness of this resolution on a comparatively compact display screen and the great blacks.
The device fan, while busy under a number of circumstances, seemed to flow a lesser amount of air than needed to maintain the laptop cool under quite heavy needs. Heat performance for this Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q) appears to be a little below regular when under load.
The cpu placed on Apple macbook Pro case MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q) laptop is one of the best one of cutting edge processors. With the latest cutting edge science applied to this specific cpu it is easy to conduct multi-tasks with ease, of course because of the massive aid of RAM which delivers torque to this beast laptop. The graphics cpu applied to this specific laptop enables you to work more like lighter video games -I indicate it may not deal with the most recent video games- without trouble. Audio speakers used on MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q) laptop seem to be slightly cheap, however they're good for any laptop.
The keyboard set of Apple MacBook Pro MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q) laptop is an island-style variant, the keys feel totally strong to the tips of the fingers. In person I don't enjoy island-style keyboards, nevertheless I need to confess they appear pretty modern. If you'd prefer the appear and feel of the island-style keyboards, you will end up amazed with the MacBook Pro MC374LL/A (Z0J7Q). The touch pad is simply a shiny one together with some service for multitouch actions. The touch pad typically is responsive along with hardly any delay. They have shallow feedback and demand small force to trigger that is definitely really more at ease. The touchpad buttons are convenient to press when using the side of your thumb and result in a little click whenever pressed.

About macbook pro skins

About macbook pro skins
If you have a brand new macbook Pro case or notebook computer, you probably want to keep it in the best condition possible. Why invest in an expensive soft or hardcover case, when you can protect your laptop surface from scratches and stains with your own homemade vinyl cover. This craft requires the use of a very sharp knife, so do not try unless you are experienced with using X-acto knives or similar cutting tools.
1.Shut your computer off. Clean the surface of the computer with a damp cloth.
2.Cut a piece of vinyl slightly larger than the keyboard panel of the computer. Lay the vinyl over the entire surface, including the keyboard. Smooth or press out air bubbles. Wrap the vinyl edges securely around the sides of the computer.
3.Cut around the outside border of the keyboard letters. Rub the vinyl so you see the imprint of the keys. Use a ruler if it is too difficult to follow the keys. Also cut out the trackpad and around the plastic joint that connects the screen. Remove cut vinyl pieces. Practice extreme caution and do not press the blade too hard, as it can ruin the keyboard.
4.Cut around the edges of the entire bottom panel. This will give the vinyl a very clean cut appearance. Peel the extra vinyl from the sides. Rub the edges with your fingers or the end of a paintbrush.
5.Cover the screen portion of the laptop in vinyl. Cut out the screen and a small hole for the camera.
6.Close laptop. Apply vinyl sheet on the cover and wrap around the edges. Smooth out any air bubbles. Trim the sides of the vinyl to make a clean cut along the edges.
7.Turn laptop over. Place a vinyl sheet over the panel and smooth out edges. Trim the vinyl so that edges are smooth. Cut around the air vent. Peel off cut vinyl pieces.
About macbook pro skins
A: product characteristics:
1: protective film surface by a high degree of wear-resistant scratch-resistant flowers processing hardness can reach 4H;
2: the protective film by UV treatment, prevent ultraviolet ray on the LCD screen;
3: can reduce reflective amounts to 90%, light transmission rate of 99%, the picture is clear and vivid, film produced when the bubble is not easy.
Two: function
1: effectively prevent scratch and wear a LCD screen;
2: Antistatic surface, not Yi Juchen stain;
3: the use of advanced coating technology, direct touch not easy to leave fingerprints;
4: special anti-reflective, glare, the elimination of the 98% external environment of the reflected light, strong glare.
Three: method of use macbook Pro case skins
1: with fiber cloth to the LCD screen of the fingerprint, dust, oil and dirt to try;
2: the protective film above the LCD screen, determine the direction of post;
3 : the use of pasted on the protective film can shift stickers, the bottom paper is ripped off;
4: the protection film and is affixed to the screen.
Four: package content:
1: high penetration type liquid crystal screen protection film 1 piece;
2: clean cloth 1;
3: exquisite packaging cardboard and transparent OPP plastic bags.

Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook Much In Common With MacBook Air

Of the major planks of Intel's Ultrabook platform — fast performance, powerful graphics, efficient energy usage, instant-on responsiveness and always-on synchronization — the Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook fulfills all but one. And to my knowledge, nobody's doing always-on yet.
With the S3′s paper-thin physique, comparisons to Apple‘s macbook Pro case Air are inevitable. The slender beauty is just as thin as the Air at its thickest (0.68 inches); both units taper near the edges and a brushed aluminum exterior protects both units from fingerprints. Similarities continue inside. The S3′s flat Chicklet-sized keys and trackpad with integrated buttons have the look and feel of a macbook Pro case, though the S3′s trackpad is significantly smaller than Apple's, by about a half-inch in both directions and is limited to two-finger gestures (Apple's supports four).
Opening the lid, Acer‘s so-called Green Instant On and Instant Connect have the Ultrabook awake and alive in less than 3 seconds, another Mac OS X-like trait. The machine Acer sent the CRN Test Center was equipped with an Intel Core i5 dual-core, 1.6 GHz processor (just like Apple's base unit) running the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium on 4 GB of memory. Geekbench 2.0 turned in a respectable top score of 5,657, but only after we removed or disabled McAfee and Microsoft nagware and set Windows for fastest performance.
Part of Intel's Ultrabook idea was to create machines that not only provide a fast and seamless user experience, but that look good doing it. The handsome S3 fills that bill nicely with its simple, uncluttered design. The left edge has but one port; for a headset. Similarly unencumbered is the right edge, which is home to an SD/MMC reader. The rear is home to a pair of USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port (which can output 1080p resolution) and connector for the right-angle canon plug. We usually prefer a rear edge free of any connectors and the danger of stressing them. Small LEDs for hard drive Acer aspire 5520 battery/power status are visible with the 13.3-inch screen is in the open or closed position.
Page 2 of 2
The S3′s Lithium polymer three-cell battery performed better than we expected. With all power saving features turned off and the WiFi radio on and connected, Paramount's 48 Hours played continuously from the hard drive at full screen and full brightness for five and a half hours. After putting itself to sleep due to low power, the S3 awoke in just a few seconds by reading its state from a 20-GB SSD that's dedicated to the job. A deep sleep mode preserves battery life for as many as 50 days, according to Acer. A separate 320-GB spinning hard drive stores the operating system, apps and user data. The macbook Pro case offers no spinning drive and a maximum of 256 GB of storage (all flash).
The Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook alone tips the scales at a feather less than three pounds; the power adapter and its 12-foot cord adds another 11 ounces. The S3 generates minimal heat, measuring its hottest at 90 degrees along left edge and left side of the keyboard. Everywhere else on the machine was around between 80 and 85 degrees, slightly warm to the touch. The S3′s work deck measures 12.5 x 8.5 inches.
If the Ultrabook portends the future of mobile computing, then we favor the design for its slim good looks, fast performance, and suitability to task (not to mention similarity to Apple. For $899, including Windows 7 and a one-year warranty, the Acer Aspire S3 is a terrific product that costs several hundred dollars less than a comparably equipped MacBook Air. It's also a recommended product by the CRN Test Center.

ABC's Live Streaming Aimed At Keeping Cable Cords Intact

There's another way television is moving online. Starting Tuesday, ABC will let viewers in New York and Philadelphia watch their local stations over the Internet. But this is not a way to cut your cable bill.
NPR's Dan Bobkoff discusses the change with All Things Considered co-host Audie Cornish.
Interview Highlights
On what's new here
"Starting Tuesday afternoon, if you live in the New York City or Philadelphia markets, you'll be able to fire up a free app called Watch ABC and stream your local station as if you were watching it on TV. The app will be available for the Apple iPhone and IPAD 4 CASE  as well as the Kindle Fire. Or you'll be able to watch at abc.com.
"ABC and other networks have long allowed you to watch their prime-time shows online after they air on TV, but ABC is the first broadcast over-the-air network to let you watch their live feed — including local news, daytime talk shows and prime-time dramas.
"Over the next few months, it will expand to cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Eventually, ABC expects most of its affiliates will be onboard."
OTTERBOX IPAD 4 CASE  is doing this
"Many people are starting to wonder if cable is worth keeping, and they're thinking of cutting the cord and going online only since they can get content from Netflix, Amazon and other places. Live streaming is a way the broadcast industry is trying to cement the system they've had in place for a long time, even as more people are watching TV and video online. So, they're going where the viewers are going, but they're scared that people are going to cancel their cable subscriptions."
On keeping the connection to cable
"What they've done here is they've forced you to log in to this app using your cable company's username and password, so they know you're a subscriber. Even if you're in the office or you're out of your home, they know who you are and that you pay for cable each month.
"You could set up an antenna and get ABC over the air for free. But most Americans watch all the broadcast channels through cable. And cable's become a very important revenue stream for the local affiliates at ABC, CBS and NBC, which over the past few years have been demanding fees, per customer, from the cable companies.
Antiques Roadshow is one of the programs available from PBS's new Roku channel.
Monkey See
PBS Continues The March Into Streaming Programming
Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia
All Tech Considered
Startup CEO Wields Small Antenna In TV Streaming Battle
"When you pay your cable bill, you might actually be paying $1 per network, according to the media research firm SNL Kagan. For these local stations that have a big decline in advertising revenue, that's become a very important source of revenue. And by locking you into cable, they're trying to maintain that."
On what users will see when they log in Tuesday
"If you're in New York or IPAD 3 CASE, you'll be able to pull up this app on your smartphone or your tablet and you can hit the "Live" button and see more or less what you see on your TV from your local ABC affiliate. The biggest difference will be the ads — ABC says it has built in the ability to serve targeted ads. So they know who you are, they know what you like and, at least theoretically, you could get different ads than your friends eventually."
On whether competitors will follow ABC in offering live streaming
"You can already watch a number of cable channels this way, including ESPN and CNN. But some of ABC's broadcast competitors are also expected to follow suit. There's some speculation around CBS, which has already invested in an online streaming company and that could help CBS launch something similar down the line."

Apple iPad Goes Platinum; Feds Take An Interest

Apple said yesterday that it had already sold a million IPAD 3 CASE. And the papers reported that antitrust regulators are interested in the rules Apple sets for apps developers.
The news is a reminder that part of the burden of being World's Hottest Media Company is dealing with antitrust issues, as regulators try to figure out what's fair competition in the fast-changing technology/media universe.
In the 1990s, the government launched its big antitrust case against Microsoft. In 2008, Google pulled out of a potential deal with Yahoo after the justice department said the deal would "likely have denied consumers the benefits of competition." And just a few days ago, Bloomberg News reported that the Federal Trade Commission may challenge Google's acquisition of a company that sells ads on mobile phones.
Their feds' interest in Apple is very, very preliminary. The FTC and the justice department haven't even figured out who would take the lead, and no formal investigation has been opened, the Financial Times reports.
The regulators may look into the fight over Apple's decision to make iPhones and OTTERBOX IPAD 4 CASE  incompatible with Adobe's Flash. Whatever the details, the broader subtext seems clear: The wild success of Apple's mobile devices means it will face ongoing scrutiny from antitrust regulators.

Apple Touts iPad Sales, Saying Company Has Sold A Million Devices

It took 28 days to sell one million OTTERBOX IPAD 3 CASE , Apple said in a press release Monday. Steve jobs was quoted saying that it had taken the original iPhone 74 days to reach the same mark and that iPad "demand continues to exceed supply."
Silicon Alley Insider has its own breakdown of the numbers and notes that it took Apple something approaching two years to sell one million iPods. The site also estimates that the company's iPad sales "could reach more than $1 billion for quarter." http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DZJ2DZI

Amid iPad Mania, Will Bookworms Be Left Behind

Madhulika Sikka is the executive producer for NPR's Morning Edition.
This whole e-book thing is really confusing me. I'm a book person, one of those old-fashioned book lovers. I love the touch, the feel, the cover art of books. My idea of a great afternoon? Being transported by the wonder and knowledge available in a great bookstore. I love the pile of books stacked on my bedside table and the double-deep piles on my bookshelves. When I finish a really good book, I love to pass it on to my husband and see it stacked on his bedside table, knowing that he's going to be transported, too. It's fun to walk down the aisle of a plane or a train and see what everyone's reading.
If you came to visit me in my office at work, you'd have to step over the piles of books that get sent to me. I have my shelf of aspirational reading and I have my shelves of books to reread. Books give me joy and sustenance and tranquililty and escape. But when I say book, I mean a book book. You know, ink on dead trees, the technology that the Chinese have used for centuries, the innovation Mr. Gutenberg introduced to the Western world. It's done us pretty well for centuries and centuries.
“ I'm probably never going to give up on paper books because it seems to me that the tech whizzes aren't book people, they are tech whizzes and business people.
But, I'll admit, that glimpse of the iBook feature on the new OTTERBOX IPAD 3 CASE  really seemed seductive. The bookshelf graphic, very clever. Brushing your hand across the screen to turn the page of a book, just gorgeous. Like thousands of others, I got a Kindle for Christmas and I am a reluctant entrant into the whole eBook world. I'll admit it was nice to not have to carry a ton of books with me on the plane for the holidays. But, when I go and see my family, I swap books with my sisters, leave some behind, pick some up, return them on the next trip, browse the bookshelves. And this is what I'm worried about.
Madhulika Sikka
Madhulika Sikka is a book lover.
Whether it's a Kindle, a Sony e-reader or the new IPAD 4 CASE , what will happen to the shared experience? And will we have to be monogamous to our devices? Will the deal that Apple has with Simon & Schuster or Penguin make it harder for me if I only have a Kindle? Can I read the book I purchase on my IPAD 3 CASE on my iPhone too? There's an iPhone Kindle app; I haven't figured out if the book that lives on my Kindle can be read on my iPhone. I don't know how to lend my e-book to my sister. And of course we haven't even tackled the digital rights issue. I'm going to be able to purchase an e-book from Britain or Asia, while sitting here in the U.S., right? Or will they make them all regionally compatible (like DVDs) so an e-book purchased in Tokyo won't play on my e-reading device purchased in America? And you thought that the digital world of ones and zeroes meant that it would be easy!
All I'm saying, Mr. Bezos and Mr. Jobs, and all you other whizzes of the technical world, is don't forget about me. I mean me, the reader. I mean me, the reader who loves books. The reader who has picked up old-fashioned books from across the globe and touched them and felt them and passed them to friends and families and kept them for years and reread and enjoyed books. I'm probably never going to give up on paper books because it seems to me that the tech whizzes aren't book people; they are tech whizzes and business people. Until I know they are as solicitous of me the reader — the way my local independent bookstore is — why should I change? Besides, I don't have to worry about the battery life of my old-fashioned book.

iPad Program At L.A. Schools Needs Fine Tuning

Steve Inskeep talks to Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy about the district's $1 billion iPad initiative, which aims to put a tablet in the hands of every student over the next year. The plan has prompted questions about the role of technology in the classroom, and the extent to which it can enhance teaching and improve student achievement.
Copyright © 2013 NPR. For personal, noncommercial use only. See Terms of Use. For other uses, prior permission required.
This is MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Renee Montagne.
And I'm Steve Inskeep.
A news item last week got us thinking about how American schools are changing. Many high school students in Los Angeles now have school-issued iPads. Some hacked the security on the iPads to surf forbidden sites on the Internet. School superintendent John Deasy weathered some awkward headlines and tried to turn this into a teachable moment.
JOHN DEASY: Met with the students, collected the devices, and began a conversation about so, you're smart, but we need you to be responsible.
INSKEEP: The incident was one of the bumps as John Deasy rolls out the plan, under which L.A. is spending $1 billion to eventually put an iPad in the hands of every student - 650,000 of them, grades K through 12. L.A. is not the first school system to try something like this, but is by far the largest.
Of all the things that you could do with your district budget, what made you think that an iPad for every student ultimately would be a thing that you'd want to do?
DEASY: All students should have access to technology. And all students should have access to live digital curriculum. I mean, what we would want for the most privileged students, it's our obligation to make sure that students who live in circumstances of poverty have exactly that.
INSKEEP: When you say live digital curriculum, are you essentially saying that the textbook is an IPAD 4 CASE  now, or you're heading in that direction?
DEASY: I think that's fair enough to say. I mean, the textbook is information that's static. So, like most people would assume, I know of no school district - and certainly not here in Los Angeles - where there is information in our textbooks about the Arab Spring, a very important part of understanding world history and our own history. Live digital content is constantly updated so that students could understand the Arab Spring.
INSKEEP: You know, help me think through some of the implications of having the text on an iPad instead of in a book. I'm thinking about issues in recent decades in education in which there is a national textbook market and we discover that if Texas, for example, sets a particular standard for its textbooks, it can influence the books that end up in the entire country, because a publisher wants to make sure the textbooks are acceptable everywhere.
I would imagine that, for better or for worse, that when your text is on an OTTERBOX IPAD 4 CASE , you could make it specific to a state, specific to a county, specific to a school.
DEASY: That's a very, very - I think, a very good insight, which means that the monopoly is no longer there around a largest state driving the textbook. In the Common Core for English Language Arts, for example, we're moving to a balance of 50 percent of the material being what would call traditional fiction text, like Shakespeare, and 50 percent being what we would call nonfiction text, like Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
You could have taken that in California and talked about the comments that Cesar Chavez made after breaking his fast and using that as an exact piece of nonfiction text. And that does not have to be the same in every state in the Union.
INSKEEP: Oh, the advocate for migrant workers, you might have included that in California.
DEASY: Absolutely.
INSKEEP: At the same time, I think about the flipside of that. It makes me wonder if, as this technology spreads, we might end up in a situation where there is a red state history of the United States and a blue state history of the United States, that takes different facts or things that aren't even facts, and could even make them specific to particular parts of states that are politically inclined one way or another.
DEASY: I think that that is a possibility. I don't think I'm equipped to make that judgment, will it happen. But you raise a point that is, I think, very legitimate.
INSKEEP: Can technology replace teachers?
DEASY: Oh, absolutely not. Absolutely not. We know both through the psychology of education and the sociology of education that the ability to learn is deeply, deeply dependent upon having an expert side-by-side coaching us, helping us make sense of information, helping us scaffold information, which is taking pieces we know and growing to a place which we don't know. That cannot be done through technology.
INSKEEP: We had an interview with Diane Ravitch, an education expert and author, who's very much a critic of a lot of changes in education in recent years, on the program a few days ago. And one of the things she said was this: That she's concerned that corporations are selling education technology, that ultimately that comes at the expense of teachers' salaries.
Could you envision a situation where there's more and more education that is automated, in effect? And you can do - not do without teachers at all, but reduce the number of teachers, increase the class size?
DEASY: I mean, I can't envision that. I don't find that to be a responsible direction to move in. I think that Ms. Ravitch's concerns are ones that she's expressing of the present, and she's a historian. So I would imagine we faced these things in the past: the monopoly on textbooks, the monopoly on school transportation, the corporate monopoly on buildings and chairs.
I mean, we certainly have seen this in the past. Every student seems to have to sit down in a chair. And those companies who had the monopoly on that was a corporation. And one could have made the same comments 50, 75, 25 years ago.
INSKEEP: John Deasy is the superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Thanks very much.
DEASY: Thank you very much. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DZJ2DZI

NPR Music Launches New iPad App (With A Little Help From The Shins)

Our new NPR Music iPad app is out, and it's a beauty. It's the perfect way to watch our Tiny Desk Concerts, read original reporting and commentary, and listen to brand new albums, the All Songs Considered 24/7 music channel or our station streams.
Enjoy dozens of public radio music stations from across the country. Browse by genre and program favorites.
Enjoy dozens of public radio music stations from across the country. Browse by genre and program favorites.
To celebrate, NPR Music will present live streaming audio and video of an exclusive in-app concert on March 7 with The Shins, performing songs from their anticipated new record Port of Morrow. (Fans of the band in New York City should be on the lookout for an opportunity to attend this show.)
 On March 7, The Shins will perform an exclusive live concert webcast you can watch via the NPR Music app. (The concert will be replayed on NPR.org starting March 8.) i
On March 7, The Shins will perform an exclusive live concert webcast you can watch via the NPR Music app. (The concert will be replayed on NPR.org starting March 8.)
Enjoy dozens of public radio music stations from across the country. Browse by genre and program favorites.
Our own NPR team built this app, and we're proud of it. I think it shows off the flood of amazing stories about music that makes its way to our site from our member stations and our staff.
One cool feature allows you to filter by content type (read articles, watch videos, listen to programs) or genre (rock, jazz, classical, folk, hip-hop/R&B, world or electronic/dance). You can build a playlist by dragging and dropping, and then save it for offline listening. You can listen while running other apps on your IPAD 4 CASE  or send it over Wi-Fi to your home stereo. And if you don't know where to start, a special feature in the playlist will suggest NPR Music features based on the artists already in your iTunes library.
Create your own playlists and save them for offline listening with the new NPR Music OTTERBOX IPAD 4 CASE  app.
Create your own playlists and save them for offline listening with the new NPR Music iPad app.
Create your own playlists and save them for offline listening with the new NPR Music iPad app.
There is even an entire section devoted to All Songs Considered. You'll find our weekly shows, a live concert archive, the Tiny Desk Concerts, new music exclusives and video premieres.
Filter by genre or program, including All Songs Considered.
Filter by genre or program, including All Songs Considered.
For non-iPad users, we are turning our attention to the mobile Web with the goal of making sure everyone can access our features on the go, no matter what device you own or system you operate.
NPR is not developing an Android app specifically for NPR Music.Because the Android universe is so diverse we thought the best way to serve all Android users would be to optimize all that we do on NPR music for mobile platforms in general. This approach would also help users of other smart phones as well. You can see that in our new browser-based live events platform. The Tiny Desk Concerts page is a good example of that. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DZJ2DZI made it possible to watch a live video stream and participate in a live chat at the same time and it works on mobile devices including Android and the desktop. So an Android app or Blackberry or a Windows apps is not in the cards for now, but making all that we do work on the devices that are popular is the goal. If you do own an Android you should know that some of our music coverage can be found in the NPR News app for the Android. thanksBob

iPads In Special Ed: What Does The Research Say?

Minnesota gamblers no longer have to rip paper pull-tabs to see if they've won cash: As of this week, they can use iPads to play, and play again, at the click of a button. The venture was sparked by the need to help pay for a new Minnesota Vikings football stadium, which will cost an estimated $975 million.
In addition to replacing the old Metrodome, backers of the electronic games say they'll make it easier for groups of people to play together and will lure younger gamblers, as well.
The Minnesota system, which seems to be the first of its kind in the United States, received final approval from the state's Gambling Control Board this week. The agency's approved IPAD 4 CASE are already available at a handful of bars, where patrons can play at their own table or at the counter. The games have titles like "Treasures of the Jungle" and "Big Money Heist."
On an iPad, "electronic pull tabs" can look a lot like a slot machine: Fruits, numerals and other symbols appear at random, and players win cash when they land in the right pattern. Gamblers can place bets of either $1 or $2; boxes at the bottom of the screen keep a running tally of players' cash reserves and how much they've won.
In St. Paul, the Pioneer Press's Tad Vezner breaks down how the games' proceeds are distributed:
85 percent goes back to players
3 percent to charities
5.4 percent to the state
2.25 percent to the bar
4.35 percent to rent the OTTERBOX IPAD 3 CASE  from gaming companies
Vezner also spoke to a patrons of O'Gara's Bar and Grill, one of the first places to get the machines:
"'I fully believe it is rigged for you to win today,' said Mike Monfort, who won $28. 'Pull-tabs out in Michigan, you very rarely won. Everybody seems to be winning today. Come tomorrow, let's see how they do.'
"Next to him, Pat Lynch said he didn't think so. 'It's so regulated.'
"'How long does it take?' asked Chris, another O'Gara's regular who declined to give his full name.
"'It's pretty quick,' Monfort replied.
"'Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of. I'll be broke in two months.'"
In the pull-tab system, each bar receives a pool of games — presumably to guarantee an even playing field. Tim Nelson of Minnesota Public Radio calls the new system "the biggest expansion of gambling in Minnesota in a generation."
Nelson explains a bit more about how it works: "The iPad-based devices run software from a Minnesota based server. Internet connections and dedicated Wi-Fi networks bring the games to gamblers in real time."
A video from local KARE-11 show the games in action.
Booths that sell paper pull-tab games like this one have new competition in Minnesota: electronic pull-tab games played on iPads. The games are meant to help pay for a new football stadium in Minneapolis.
"The Minnesota network is designed to operate with 25,000 electronic pull-tab terminals," according to the website of Acre 4.0, a Nevada-based gambling firm who developed the first pull-tab games being used in Minnesota.
"All the accounting and gaming activity occurs on a central server," says Warren White, Acre 4.0's vice president of engineering, "and is accessed by the clients" — in this case, the tablets at the bars or clubs. The devices are limited to serving as gaming platforms.
In addition to pull-tabs, patrons at Minnesota bars, restaurants, and American Legion posts will also likely be able to play bingo — a game that has already become a big money-maker on the iPad, even without real cash payouts. White confirms that there is "certainly a lot of interest" in bingo on the iPads.
As Tech Crunch reported last week, bingo game maker BitRhymes is on pace to bring in $45 million in revenue this year, on the strength of its Bingo Bash game for mobile and Facebook.
BitRhymes CEO Sumit Gupta believes "there looks to be a huge opportunity here in terms of transitioning from online social gaming to real-money casino play," Tech Crunch writes.

Refurbished MacBooks - Unibody MacBooks

Apple has moved the 13-inch aluminum unibody MacBook into the MacBook Pro line of products. This move now completely separates the polycarbonate notebooks with the aluminum unibody notebooks. The macbook Air case family of laptops now constitute solely on those with white polycarbonate enclosures. The MacBook Pro family of laptops include all those with aluminum unibody enclosures. Three display sizes make it easy to differentiate the various MacBook Pro models. They now come with a 13-inch, 15-inch, or 17-inch LED backlit LCD display.
Consumers can still purchase aluminum unibody MacBooks from Apple through the company's online store. Under the special deals section, a list of Apple Certified Refurbished Macs is available. These MacBooks come from recently returned or canceled orders. Each has been refurbished by Apple for resell and include a 1 year limited warranty. All original accessories, cables, DVDs and manuals are included. Apple Certified Refurbished Macs are not available at any of Apple's retail stores.
There are three specific Apple Certified Refurbished macbook Pro case that are listed. They have the following stock keeping unit (sku) numbers and specifications:
FB466LL/A Refurbished MacBook
2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
2GB Memory
160GB Hard Disk Drive
FB467LL/A Refurbished MacBook
2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
2GB Memory
250GB Hard Disk Drive
G0FV0LL/A Refurbished MacBook
2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
2GB Memory
128 SSD
These three unibody macbook Pro case models will be the last of their kind. When Apple's refurbished inventory runs out, consumers will no longer be able to purchase aluminum MacBooks from Apple. They will have to look to the MacBook Pro line of notebooks, which tend to be more expensive.

How to Get a Free Macbook Pro via Incentive Marketing

Here's how to Get a Free macbook Pro case !
Find out how You can get free apple products like a free MacBookPro or a free Ipod. Many people are sceptical when they stumble upon these offers for the first time, but it is actually possible to get a free Mac Book Pro.
Improvements and Innovations of the Next Generation 15 Inch Macbook Pro
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You are not depending on Your referrals getting enough referrals to, to get Your freebie! They only have to complete an offer ! This is not multi-level marketing.
Free macbook Pro casewith Incentive Marketing
To get Your freebie You will have to join a website that provides the freebie. Let's just call this site "The Provider". You set up a free account at these sites and then go to Your account where You will find offers from various internet merchands. Some offers are free, some require a small investment. Please refer to the box further down this page that displays some examples for the offers available. It is possible to get a free MacBook Pro just by taking free trials.
Buy completing one of these offers "The Provider" will get paid for being the affiliate that referred You to the service.
But completing an offer is not enough to get Your free apple computer. You will also have to refer some friends to sign up with "The Provider" and they have to complete an offer. The number of referrals needed to get a free Mac-Book varies from provider to provider but aMacBook Pro will take around 50 Referrals in general. Other free apple products like Ipods or IPhones are available for less referrals.
You can of course sign up for all the sites and try to get multiple free apple products !

How To Win An Apple Ipod Touch, Apple Iphone, or Apple Macbook in 3 Steps

In this article you'll learn the ins and outs of free macbook Pro case offers, including who they are available to and what you have to do to qualify.
1. find an offer
My followers gadget for google is not working or showing up, what do I do? Removing Bullets in Sidebar
To win an Apple iPod touch, iPhone, iPod nano, or Mac book, you can choose from several different possibilities.
- Offers based on getting the attention of customers. With this kind of offer you have less chance of winning, but you typically don't have to give away anything besides your email address, and you have to become a customer.
- Offers where you trade some personal information in exchange for a free product. In this case the company gives away free products in the hope that you'll become a customer in the future. they also collect market research from the information you provide.
- Offers for new customers. In this case a company offers you an incentive for becoming a customer. Sometimes it costs very little or nothing at all, for example if you sign up for new bank account.
2. Make sure you're eligible
there's no point wasting any time on offer if it's only open to US citizens, so before you start filling out any information make sure you qualify.
3. Complete the required steps
In some cases this can be overly lengthy, so check around first.
You don't want to waste half an hour filling out forms only to find out that you're only halfway through, or that you don't meet the requirements. on the other hand some offers are very simple and don't take very much time at all to complete. A general rule is that the more expensive the prize the harder it is to get. For example you'll either be competing with many other people, or you have to become a customer.
A list of offers can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DZIVXV4