Lyndsy FonsecaLyndsy Fonseca, young american actress that we all best remember from CBS daytime soap opera “The Young and The Restless” seems to be very busy girl nowadays. She just finished her work at “Hot Tub Time Machine” (which is in theaters now), but she still managed to surprise us all with her lovely photos that can be found in the latest issue of Maxim Magazine.
Lyndsy Fonseca, MaximThis gorgeous actress was photographed by Christopher Kilkus, who said only best things about Fonseca: “Those of you who know me know I don’t pay much attention to celebrity stuff, so I wasn’t super familiar with Lyndsy’s work. I read she had done tons of TV shows, and also knew she had a really good agent. But I was excited to read in Maxim that she is coming out in two new movies I really want to see… Hot Tub Time Machine and Kick Ass! They both look really funny, which makes sense because Lyndsy was a gas to have on set and a genuinely sweet girl. I’m sure she is gonna go far, so I’m happy I had the opportunity to shoot with her.” We must agree with that Mr. Kilkus!
So check out his favourite photos.

Ok, we know that it’s hard to keep an eye on our report right now, but still, we must write some things about Fonseca’s work. “Hot Tube Time Machine” is an interesting story indeed. She got her chance to play Jennie, the “one that got away” from John Cusack’s character back in 1987. When Cusack and several of his pals discover that their Jacuzzi is not only a bubbly pool of relaxation, but a time travel device as well. When they accidentally travel back to 1987, Cusack and Jennie are reunited. It was pretty funny when she mentioned this actor in her “Maxim” interview, saying: “As for John Cusack, I didn’t get into him until I was older. He’ll probably kill me for saying this, but I was a little young when he was doing all those ’80s movies.”
Lyndsy Fonseca Lyndsy Fonseca
So what do we actually know about this young lady? She’s definitely one of the prettiest actresses, so no wonder she competed in the International Modeling & Talent Association , where she was recognized as the second runner up for “Young Miss Dancer of the Year”. She is an accomplished dancer and apart from acting and dancing, Lyndsy is very passionate about music. Fonseca described herself saying: “I’m very bubbly, so when people meet me, they sometimes think I’m fake. I’m excited to meet new people, but I guess I sound like I’m being sarcastic.” Here’s more photos for you guys, so you judge for yourself. We, on the other hand, enjoy her “sarcasm”.
Lyndsy Fonseca
Lyndsy Fonseca