14K Gold Cat Ring

A 14k Gold Cat Ring is something that one should have if one is a cat lover. These tiny beauties make you feel like you have your pets with you everywhere you go. The rings come in different types, some with the faces of a cat, some with the entire body, and some which contain an amalgamation of the cat body into a ring shape. Though most of the full-fledged rings are expensive rings, they also come at affordable prices.
The 14k Gold Cat ring comes in different textures and varieties. Some of the rings have a satin-lined finish, FUT 16 Coins some with a fur-like texture and some with a laser-type finish. Certain varieties also have jewels set into them, FIFA 16 Coins Online for example, emeralds or sapphires for the eyes. The cat’s body is sometimes shown in different postures as well, like hanging from a rod, or sitting on a tree branch. There are even some cute ones which have hats on their head and also flower-belts on the neck.
There are certain unique cat designs available, though these are quite expensive rings. Some manufacturers also design a 3-cat structure, with the two outer cats having a matte finish and the centre one being made of glossy gold; with a golden band connecting the necks and knees of the entire structure. Another unique design for this type of ring is a single cat in a sitting position with its face looking upwards giving a full view of the cats features. This is a must-have ring for any cat lover.
Most of the 14k Gold Cat rings are around 3-4" into 5-8" in measurement, and approximately 5.6 grams in weight. FIFA 16 Coins Most of the expensive rings are the ones which come with the entire cat body, and in different textures. These cost about 498.374 GBP to 414.624 GBP. However, there are some lighter ones which would cost around 170GBP.