Sofia Loren is always in my heart!

Italian film actress. Filmed in the movies: "Gold of Naples", "Chochara" (Oscar), "Boccaccio 70", "Altony," "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", "Marriage in Italian" ;, "Sunflowers," "Pret-a-porter", etc.
Sofia Shikolone (Lauren) was born September 20, 1934, the Office for illegitimate Roman Queen Margaret Hospital ... Her mother, Romilda Vilani, which showed early musical abilities, came to try their luck in Rome from a small fishing village Potstsuoli under Naples. Here she was to meet with Ricardo Shikolone. Learning that his girlfriend is pregnant, he acknowledged his paternity, but refused to marry.  was born on a small, slim and very ugly. Father shot for them in Rome, a small room. Everything was against a young mother: money is not enough, her milk was gone. I had to return in disgrace Potstsuoli.
Then there was war, the hungry years, poverty. Sofia grew timid, closed. "I was so slim that I was given the nickname" stechetto - zherdochka. On the wall of my house is constantly beautiful inscription in chalk: "Sofia - toothpick" - says the actress. But gradually, she blossomed. In the fourteen years to her even posvatalsya a young teacher of physics.
Two years later, in Naples have announced a competition for the title "Queen of the sea." Romilda decided that for her daughter a chance to go to the people. "We had withdrawn from the curtains and sew from her dress ... Much worse was to shoes. I did not have white shoes and black dress for this is not suitable. However, this mother decided quickly, it overdye my old black shoes white. We pray that not only was the rain ... "- recalls with a smile the actress. Beauty brings success Sofia Shikolone. However, her name was announced only in the list of twelve princesses, and the title of "Queen of the sea" reach the other.
Photo — Sofia Loren
Photo — «Sofia Loren»
"Princess" has a few rolls of wallpaper, tablecloth with twelve napkins, free train ticket to Rome to visit the studios and the money ...
The mother is now no doubt that Sofia will become an actress, and recorded it in the actors school in Naples. "In this school we were taught a rather simple thing - namely, draw faces, - continues to Lauren. - Never, we are not reading a single line of text. Never tried anything to play ... "
One professor told the students that the Americans in Rome, film and mass scenes required young girls. Of course, Romilda and her daughter went to the capital. Both were accepted. Sophia instructed to portray slave.
A little later Shikolone subsided lady in the movie where the main role played by Anna Magnani and Vittorio Gassman. I hardly think Sofia then that after shooting the film "Chochara" Italians called it "the second Magnani.
When signing a contract with the studio Chinochitta "producer thought it more sonorous name - Lauren. So in light of the actress - Sophia Loren.
"I wanted to be in the films, but films are not like me. In order not to die from starvation, I gave her face comics and magazines. Later still came in the form of cheap movies, mushy movies like "Zorro Dreams," "The six wives of Blue Beard," "Yes, yes, that was it ... I had to play a sexual role. I was forced to become popular and be able to choose the role itself. "
In 1953, Lauren has agreed to pull naked to the waist in the film "Two Nights with Cleopatra", otherwise the director threatened to withdraw from its role. This is a scene filmed for the French version and it never showed in Italy.
She was eighteen when she accidentally turned to the audience of Miss Rome. One member of the jury drew attention to the Sofia and invited her to participate in the contest. Upon learning that the proposal comes from a famous producer Carlo Ponti, she agreed.
Photo — Sofia Loren
Photo — «Sofia Loren»
Lauren is upset when she was awarded second place. The girl did not suspect that this evening, turn all her life.
The next day she came into the office to Carlo Ponti. The first thing he proposed to actress - go to a surgeon and plastic surgery done because she has too big nose. Sofia, however, firmly refused. The producer, of course, could get angry, but he has already been conquered by it.
Carlo Ponti changed her lifestyle, tastes, manners, even cosmetics. He helped Lauren get rid of Naples accent taught to conduct interviews with various people attached to reading, opening her world Balzac, Stendhal, Thomas Mann, Bernard Shaw, Tolstoy and Chekhov. Producer Lauren fulfilled with everything up to the gait. It was, for example, walk along the corridor between two rows of tables with open doors and swinging it one, then another round to close them.
Ponti was twenty centimeters below the Sofia and twenty years older than her. Carlo believed in me and loved me. I knew about it. My sense of it is slowly growing. Once he sent me a small box. Inside was a wedding ring ... "
However, the novel Ponti and Loren were marked and dramatic peripeteia: Carlo was married to Julie Fiastri. They lived together nine years and produced two sons into the world - and Giuseppe Giuliano. The Catholic Church opposes divorce. In 1957, Loren and Ponti did register their marriage in Mexico. This event is raised in Italy, since under the laws of the country became Carlo dvoezhentsem. At the Catholic Cathedral of treatment appeared to the faithful that they have forgotten the names of Loren and Ponti. Their films have been banned.
But next year, Mexicans have issued a law under which foreigners were required before the marriage to provide a certificate of marital status. Thus, the Union Ponti and Loren was considered invalid. Soon, the same decision came Italian court.
At the difficult time the only remedy for Lauren was working.
Photo — Sofia Loren
Photo — «Sofia Loren»
In 1954 she took part in Vittorio De Sica in "Gold of Naples." She managed to convey spontaneous temperament heroine, its national identity, spiritual openness. This was serious work, and recognition as an actress Sophia Loren. Later, nine years later, in the movie "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (put on the play by Eduardo De Filippo), the director will develop the success, but at a high artistic level.
Of course, the more she had to play in cash movies such as "Bread, love and ..."," Poverty and nobility, " Wonderful melnichiha.
Advertising Agents in Hollywood Lauren was invited to work overseas. She has played in the Stanley Kramer
film "Pride and Passion." Its partners were the stars Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra. Sofia has won the respect of others good nature, patience and perseverance with which she comprehend Hollywood "cuisine." Sinatra said it: "It is unsurpassed. It is better than all. " Having seen a picture director Delberta Mann "Love under the elms, the Americans talked about it only in excited tones:" A beautiful actress from Italy was able to create a vivid image of the tragic young farmer′s wife. Able to feel internally our daily life with its social problems. " In Hollywood Lauren took part in twelve films, among them: "Key", "Legend of the Past", "Home Seaman", "type woman," "Bay of Naples."
In 1958, the U.S. sent at the Venice film festival "Black Orchid" with its participation. Lauren was awarded the prize for the best female role.
Back in Rome, the actress has continued to cooperate with Vittorio De Sica. They have an excellent and rare film for creative union, gave the world cinema films, which were included in the "golden fund": "Chochara" (1960), "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (1963), "Marriage in Italian" (1964), "Sunflowers" (1969).
Photo — Sofia Loren
Photo — «Sofia Loren»
Classic Italian cinema has helped Lauren to find the true basis for her talent. It was the play "Women of the people."
"I am the person in particular - finds Sofia - because for twenty years worked with the director, who adores, and if I am interested in as an actress, then this obligation to him. Just had a glance, a gesture of Vittorio De Sica, and I understand what he wants. Usually, he shows how to play the scene, the episode, but it is strictly prohibited to copy. And every time I have contributed to the work of their own experience. " Loren acknowledges that during the work feels comfortable, when to rely on their intuition. Then it completely given the feelings of the character.
In the anti-war film "Chochara" psychologically finely and accurately depicted the Roman tradeswoman. The actress has created a tragic character strength. Apparently, in this role for the first time the actress has found a vital truth, which it itself was experienced during the war, death, destruction, broken human events. For this role, the actress received the award "Oscar". The film was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.
Sofia wanted a child. Three times in life together with Carlo Ponti her pregnancy interrupted ... Finally, in 1969 Sophia Loren has made the world a boy Carlo, the second son, Eduard, was born in 1973. Carlo was the conductor, Eduardo, and his father, producer.
Carlo Ponti gave her an old castle, which is called the "House of Sofia. In the highest tower of his growing up over a hundred rare plants collected from around the world. In the central hall hanging chandelier handcrafted in the style of "Empire" on the walls - the XVIII century frescoes, the rooms are furnished with antique furniture. Seven years Carlo tidy, this majestic castle for the adorable Sophia ...
In the movie partners Lauren were Charlie Chaplin, Fredrick March, Maksimillian Shell, Cary Grant, Robert Oltmen ...
Photo — Sofia Loren
Photo — «Sofia Loren»
Charlie Chaplin was in love with Lauren as the actress. She took part in his latest film "The Countess from Hong Kong" (1967). Great comic thought that when Sofia goes on the set, it immediately begins to live.
Lauren was a favorite partner of Marcello Mastroianni. They acted together in twelve films. The painting E. Skole "Special Day" (1977) they had a love scene. "For me this was a very difficult episode - recalls Lauren. - Marcello and I played it perfectly dressed, showing no nudity. However, it seems to me that it is much more erotic than two naked bodies intertwined under a blanket ... "
"She has tremendous strength of will: it is perfectly captured in English, French, German is also taught - spoke in turn about Sofia Mastroianni. - Start from scratch and became a star of world level. Without a doubt, Sofia may feel rather, because she has done all his life that would do so and it was a great success. I have always admired her calmness, self-confidence. "
When the success of films involving Lauren began to weaken somewhat, Carlo Ponti persuaded his wife to write autobiography "Living and loving and later translated into many European languages. I think, not without a Ponti and A. Hotchiner book "Sophia: the history of her life and love." Then there were established on the basis of telepesa Joan Crawford, of interest to American viewers, and in 1981 film Mela Stewart, in which Sophia Loren has played two roles at once - her mother and herself.
In 1970 Lauren was in second place among the largest taxpayers in the city of Rome. But in 1982 a scandal broke out: for non-payment of taxes Lauren was sentenced to thirty days in prison. Do not even helped his own president. Actress detained for seventeen days. True, the camera has been specially equipped for it, was not only, as complained of Sofia, on your TV. Under the window the crowd of fans singing serenades her and invigorate the shouts, just like in the movie "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow." But the actress did not forget the damage to her injury and has since been in his native Italy, it is run.
In 1994, Loren had last acted together with Marcello Mastroianni.
Photo — Sofia Loren
Photo — «Sofia Loren»
In the film the life of fashion "Pret-a-porter", she played a role subtly, elegantly, with the usual charm. The actress wanted the best dress designers - twenty years old Sofia trusted his Parisian beauty of the Italian Valentino, and then turned to Giorgio Armani, who are very proud of.
In recent years,  writes books in which women share with their ability to be young and beautiful. Here is one of its passages: "Perfect features by themselves are not yet beautiful. We admire are those women who consider themselves a dazzling, although they face, figure, and cosmetics are not always perfect. But the striking of their belief in their irresistible. I sincerely believe: Nothing adorns a woman, as her belief in its merits. "
Lauren jokes, that was born in the kitchen and likes to cook. She published a book of recipes. In her opinion, nothing brings together families, as food, lovingly cooked at home owner.
"I am in life nothing is given easily, - said the actress. - My children, my marriage, my career - it was the result of struggle. And I think that it is hard work and loyalty to the goal and brought me to the highest happiness in life. I can believe that I was lucky, because ninety films, where I shot, there are approximately ten to proud of. This - "Chochara," "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", "Marriage in Italian," "Sunflowers," "The Countess from Hong Kong." Offers are always a lot. But I try to choose those that move me forward, not set back in my work. Life for me - an examination that does not ever end. "
In 1991, the actress was awarded the prize "Oscar" for his career. These awards were presented to her: Grete Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Henry Foundation, Mary Pikford.
Sophia Loren has been actively involved in charity evenings and meetings, attending international festivals.
Photo — Sofia Loren